I have been working professionally with clay and ceramics since the early​ 1970's; as a studio potter, technician and tutor. I worked at Chelsea College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts London for over 38 years.


The website shows a selection of work from recent years.


All work shown on the site is wheel thrown, mostly in porcelain, but also some in white stoneware clay.


My research into crystalline glaze over a number of years has led to a range of interesting  glazes, which I am still developing using this most fascinating but challenging and unpredictable process. The crystals in the glaze develop in the cooling cycle of the kiln firing and control of their placement and growth is limited. Each piece fired is therefore unique. I aim to catch the growth of the crystals while in the stage of forming and feature them in a subtle way with the background base colour.


I have designed a range of forms to carry and show the crystalline glazes to best effect; cylindrical and rounded, lobed vase forms in particular. Small containers in porcelain with finely turned finial handles are also a recurring theme. The interaction between the crystalline glaze running over a matt white glaze provides further surface interest and exploits the fluid nature of the crystalline glaze.

I will have a stand at the the seventh Yalding Art Exhibition and Sale, this will take place from the evening of Friday 19th through to Sunday 21st November 2021.


The exhibition is held in Yalding church and profits go to the educational charity SchoolGambia; see the blog page for details or visit www.schoolgambia.org.uk

Below; The studio during past South East Open Studios events 


workshop entrance
general view with terracotta garden piec
sketch books